Welcome! What is "Boys to Men"?

The Boys to Men Mentoring Network is a Minnesota not-for-profit organization which provides boys and men a way to create adult lives of service to themselves, their families, and their communities. We do this by facilitating mentoring, regular activities, and our Rites of Passage Adventure Weekends.

Do you know a boy who is ready to step onto his journey towards manhood?

We make the bridge into manhood meaningful and fun.

Our Adventure Passage Weekend is the threshold. It's a wild ride. Days and nights are packed with challenges, mystery, games, and direct talk between men and boys.

BTM Community Events have what young men want in their lives: lots of fun, some challenges and positive male energy! We go camping, play games, splat-ball, frisbee golf, and more. We do community service work that ranges from feeding food to the hungry, to animal rescue, to Habitat for Humanity projects and more. Each activity closes with a Peer Processing Group, a safe circle where boys can talk about the events, emotions, and experiences of their lives. See our current Activities Calendar.

Our Mentor Program offers men many easy ways to serve boys in groups or one-to-one. We learn from each other while we play and work. Together we develop self-actualization, leadership, community service and emotional literacy.

The transformations possible for boys (and men) are amazing. If you want to get involved in our circle of boys and men, call today!


Contact us.


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