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Information for Parents

"No one else has been able to stick with my son and keep him from pushing them away." - Elaine M., St. Paul

"I believe my son’s experience in Boys to Men was instrumental in the turnaround of his life." - David K., Minneapolis

"Ron now knows that he is on a journey to become a man."
- J.M., St. Paul

"The initial weekend was powerful for him, giving him tools to express his feelings, especially about our difficult family situation." - Karen B., St. Paul

What will my son get out of this?

Every boy gets something, and it’s often different. The Rites of Passage Adventure Weekend is an interesting variety of activities, each one with a different goal in mind. Certainly he will experience his own strength and we’ll help to identify some of his specific gifts. He’ll see his own goodness at new levels. There are great ongoing activities that are often to a purpose. He’ll get a chance to make new friends who are engaged in the process of growing up. If he desires a one-to-one mentoring opportunity, he’ll be matched with a safe, mature, man who commits to walk with him for a minimum of one year.

What happens on the weekend? There are games, activities, discussion circles, challenge events, and celebrations of victory. We’ll share the full agenda for the weekend with parents you come with your boy to register. We won’t tell the boys the specifics of the agenda since it would dilute the effectiveness of the processes. Integrated into the team & skill building we have opportunities for personal sharing amongst the boys. Often the boys open up their deep issues to find acceptance, appreciating, and support. At the end they are celebrated for their successes and asked to commit to their own journey to manhood in a powerful way.

What happens after the weekend?

Any young man who has completed his Passage Adventure Weekend is called a Journeyman. We have ongoing activities that include fun events, social service, and skill building. If your son is matched with a mentor then that man will likely be his transport to these bi-monthly events. After completing his own Passage Adventure Weekend and a leadership program, he can come back as a staff member of future weekends where he’ll be challenged to step into leadership.

How old does he have to be?

We accept boys 13 through 17 who are ready to commit to taking this next step into manhood.

What is a mentor?

A mentor is a personal ally and supporter. A mentor is not a teacher or surrogate parent. Some young men think of them as uncles or big brothers. Boys to Men screens our volunteers carefully. We’re looking for good men who are already successful in their own lives. Then BTM shares what we know with our mentors: that young men are already excellent, and that mentors get as much as mentees from their friendships. We also provide a training for men called RECLAIMING YOUR TEENAGE FIRE. Boys to Men supports each boy’s individual spiritual tradition and journey, and we support values like truth, integrity, and responsibility.

Boys to Men Yurt Circle

How much does this cost?

Boys to men is an integrated program. We recommend that boys follow up the weekend with our year of activities and group mentoring. The Rites of Passage Adventure Weekend (RPAW) costs $595.00 and includes quarterly activities during the year. Payment plans and scholarships for families in need are available. No boy will ever be turned down for the weekend for financial reasons. One-to-one mentorship is a free option made available according to boys needs and mentor availability.

Can he go even if he has a dad at home?

Absolutely. It really does take a village to raise a child well. Studies show that the more healthy & supportive adults that a boy has, the better his chances for success in life are. Boys to Men mentors know that their job is not parenting or teaching. Boys to Men Mentors are allies and friends in life.

How is this outfit different from other mentoring organizations?

There are hundreds of mentoring programs operating in Minnesota. Some programs focus on group mentoring by having one adult to many kids, and some focus on making one to one match-ups. For example, BBBS is the largest mentoring organization in Minnesota, and they focus primarily on facilitating one to one mentor matches with children of both genders. Mentoring organizations don’t have enough mentors for everyone and so teens are rarely matched because mentors are usually paired with younger children who need it the most, but because the RPAW is for teens, that is the age group that we work with. Boys to Men has three main program components, Rites of Passage, ongoing activities with group mentoring, as well as optional one to one mentor match-ups.

Whom Do We Serve?

The simple answer is: all boys. Our experience tells us that our program works best for ages 13 to 17. However we find that boys as young as 12 benefit from the mentoring part of our program. For our Rites of Passage and Journeyman programs though, a boy should have experienced the onset of rebellious puberty and yet retain his boyhood gentleness. Our policy is to maintain a healthy balance of boys both rich & poor, normally & healthy as well as some at risk. Always we recruit from a broad spectrum. It is essential that BTM never be characterized as a place for certain cases. Our program is and should be considered a normal part of all boys growing up. We impart a sense of honor and want those boys who join us to feel the honor of being selected.


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